President/ Chief Executive Officer
ISE Advisory Group, Inc. United States

Les J. Goodwin founded ISE Advisory Group, Inc. on the premise that corporate management, owners and investors need outsourced expertise to facilitate strategic planning, project management, human capital assessment and change management planning.

Mr. Goodwin, has over 36 years' experience in corporate expansion, mergers and acquisitions, change management, income/expense management, strategic planning and execution oversight. He has formed a team of highly-skilled professionals to offer actionable strategies to improve performance and sustain a lasting financial impact for growth. A key factor in his success has been in creating solutions for management, owners and investors to make well-informed decisions to address challenges and takes advantage of opportunities.

Executive Vice President/China Group Head
ISE Advisory Group, Inc.

Mr. George C. Shen has spent 30 years in strategic and operational leadership in business and program development, customer service, education and entertainment sectors. He worked at the forefront of the technology industry with a thorough knowledge of current manufacturing practices and a clear vision to accomplish company goals that embrace the core values of integrity, innovation and growth.

Over the past few years, Mr. Shen worked as core leader and CEO for different companies in China. He held management positions at Elevated High Speed Bus Group (Beijing), Darin Health Care Group (Beijing), Solartech Renewable Energy Company (Shenzhen), to help establish and stabilize the business and sales growth.

Mr. Shen was a Senior Consultant of Kaiser Permanente for over a decade as project manager, during which he established, designed, developed, and facilitated the Integrated Voice Response System (IVR) to serve 2.5 million Northern California members, plus staff in over 70 pharmacies. A Senior Programmer Analyst of SMS he was responsible for the design and development of the Hospital Medical System that included applications for medical records, patient accounts, nursing, classifications and statistics.

Mr. Shen was Manager at Walt Disney World in charge of training and supervision all of students and professionals from China and Hong Kong for providing exemplary services.

Mr. Shen was a Representative of the Chairman of the Sino-American Chamber of Commerce, Mr. James Ying, in preparation for World Expo '88 in Australia. He was instrumental in coordinating and negotiating with the Chinese government and various companies on design, plan, and arrangements.

Mr. Shen holds a Computer Engineering MBA and BS in Physics.

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